How to choose the “right” travel agent “vs an order taker

I recently read an article on  “top travel specialists”. I found this to be interesting but not necessary accurate being a veteran in the industry for over 25 years. There are listings of  people who are specialists in their geographic areas, tour companies and those who have the support and back up of larger companies.  Specialists should be good at their geographic area and offer good information. They work with travel agents to create special offers for their clients. There are specialists in almost every geographic area and the good travel agents know who they are and how to contact them. Same with tour companies. An experienced travel agent gets to know their client and knows which company can give them exactly what they are looking for at the price they want to pay. The experienced agents listed are good, work hard and are respected in the industry. The only problem that arises is sometimes, once they dazzle the client with their knowledge of a certain destination, tour company, cruiseline or a specific offer, the next time they call they get “shuffled” to another agent. If there isnt enough $$ in it, you get the two-step. This often happens with larger companies that offer some incredibly priced deal just to get you to cal. The right travel agent is one who really undertands the value of a personal relationship, understands your needs and knows how to create this for you. Anyone can find a specialist, specialize in a specific area or give you a deal! It’s relationships, great customer service and the REAL desire to make your travel dreams come true!


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